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UltimateFoodie welcomes Angel Djambazov to our contributor family

Abegl Djambazov headshotWe’re excited to announce that our friend Angel Djambazov will be contributing some restaurant reviews for UltimateFoodie. We spent some time yesterday on our inaugural podcast talking with Angel about Jones Soda, where he runs the online marketing initiatives, and we all had an amazing time. I’ve dined with Angel as well in the past and he has some great taste in food and restaurants and like me is a pretty adventurous eater.

Some may argue that adding someone to our staff with a relationship with a company like Jones would lead us to  “sell out”, to compromise our integrity to promote Jones because he is part of the team.    That speculation would be valid except for one important fact.   We planned to pimp Jones Soda well before Angel ever told us he was interested in joining UltimateFoodie as a contributor.

So there. Stay tuned for the UltimateFoodie Podcast #1 where Karen and I are joined by Angel and we talk about all things Jones Soda – It was a fun chat and we hope you enjoy it.

Angel – welcome to the family.

If you would be interested in contributing to UltimateFoodie, please send us an email with a sample article or review and we’ll chat.


UltimateFoodie Podcast #1 – Angel from Jones Soda

We’re pleased to announce that UltimateFoodie has lost it’s podcasting virginity!

Karen and I welcomed Angel Djambazov, who runs online marketing initiatives for Jones Soda on the inaugural UltimteFoodie Podcast. We spent about 28 minutes chatting about all things Jones and other foodie topics. We covered Some history of Jones Soda, some of the unique flavors that Jones bottles,  and some Jones selections for the health conscious including 24c Vitamin Waters and Jones Organic teas.

Our marketing geek sides emerged as we chatted about the Campaign Cola initiative where Jones drinkers can make their presidential election preferences known through their online purchases of candidate branded sodas, the Jones Graffiti project on Facebook where user art generated directly on a Facebook app will be added to bottles, Jones winning contracts as the exclusive soda provider for Qwest Field in Seattle and the soon to open arena of the Nets NBA team and the company culture at Jones that encourages creativity and innovation and allows them to carve out profitable niches and developing a loyal customer following that is willing to pay premium prices for a unique product that they love.

    We had a really great time chatting with Angel – he’s a fellow foodie and a really bright marketing mind and we look forward to working with him as a contributor to UltimateFoodie in the future.

    Want to podcast with us? Just email us at [email protected] and let us know what you’d like to chat about and we’ll hook it up.


    Foodie pic of the day: Squid Kabobs at Lola

    I had the chance to try this a few months back when I had lunch with Angel Djambazov in Seattle.  Tom Douglas is the dominant Chef/Owner in Seattle and I love his food.  Pretty cool guy as well as I found out when I got the chance to chat with him at the Bite of Seattle in 2008. It was TO DIE FOR!

    If you get the chance to check out Lola or any of his other restuarants in Seattle, I highly recommend it.