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Meat PillowsI’m a magazine junkie – including all the cooking and foodie mags. As much as I enjoy reading recipes and ogling all the food porn, I love when these publications highlight ordinary household items that have been reinvented to look like food. I’ve been seeing a lot more of these items lately gracing the pages of food periodicals and I am always delighted at the whimsy of each one.

Admittedly, my personal decorating taste, especially outside the kitchen, has a more traditional bent. Still, these items transport me to envision living a very different life. It’s one with ultra modern furniture in a spartan loft in Manhattan where my uber-chic (and very uncomfortable/expensive) couch has pillows that looks like ham hocks and my reading lamp resembles a cracked egg. And in my fashionable, swanky lifestyle, I dine out nearly every night at the hottest new eateries.

So, if you want to add a touch of gastronomical fun to your house, check out these products:

More Pillows: Breakfast Pillows, Vodka Bottle

Food Shaped Phones

For the Sushi Lover

Techies: Mouse Pad, Flash Drives

In the Bathroom: Meat Shower Curtain
Mmmmmm, Bacon: BLT Candles


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