Holy Bacon and Sausage-ey Goodness Batman!

O M G!

I have just found the be all… and end all of Barbecued Pork Sausage Recipes… this is the Mother of all Cholesterol Bombs without a doubt.  I was hanging out on my favorite UW Huskies Blog and noticed a thread on favorite tailgate recipes.   Enter The Bacon Explosion!

Color me intrigued…

Color me curious…

Color me headed to my damn car to hit Costco and get enough Bacon and Bulk Pork Sausage to do this on my Traeger!

Get this – the Bacon Explosion is a woven mat of bacon, with a huge patty of sausage,  slathered with BBQ sauce of your choosing, covered with another mat of bacon on top (Picarille – are you getting this) which is rolled tightly, then smoked over hickory (225 degrees  or less please)  for about 2.5 hours, then glazed again with BBQ sauce.

All Hail the Bacon Explosion

You then thinly slice this pork fat dripping monstrosity and serve it up with your favorite side dish.

My personal favorite piece of the whole write up here is that they ask restaurants that wish to add the Bacon Explosion to their menu to get in touch with them, most likely to sign a liability waiver for all of the heart attacks they are about to cause.

That said, I am donating BBQ services for a Super Bowl party in a church auction coming up and I think this is going to be on the menu.

It’s a pork fat thing!

NOTE: The Ultimate Foodie Blog bears no responsibility at all for any circulatory system damage done to it’s readers if they attempt to make this recipe.


  1. You SO need to include the nutritional info on this chubby baby!!

  2. Her beauty makes me weep openly in front of strangers.

  3. me as well 🙂

  4. they are talking about selling these pre-cooked – they would have to post that then wouldn't they.

    They will be openly condemned by the American Academy of Cardiologists for sure.

  5. Holy Cow! That's some fatty goodness there. How could you go wrong with it.

  6. Hell, just LOOKing at that made me clutch feebly in the general direction of my heart, and fall over.

    Looks so damn good.

  7. Bacon explosion! That's a meal

  8. This is more than just “a meal” this is a Tripple Threat! It's a pork fat powered orgasm on a plate and an invitation to an Angioplasty.

    They should include a coupon for your introductory visit to your cardiologist… and maybe a referral service for people who don't have one.

    That said… man I want to make this.

    My friend Bruce at Traeger Grills mentioned that he has tried this more in breakfast mode – they subbed in Breakfast Sausage for Italian Sausage and glazed with Maple Syrup instead – served it with Scrambled Eggs and Toast and said is was un-freakin-believable.

  9. I like this meal, I even become feeling hungry))

  10. The pictures uploaded here are looks bad since those taken too close..the post is nice and attractive..

  11. LincolnB says:

    Yuck, that looks like aheart surgery waiting to happen….

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