Bravo Bistro Bistro Washington DC!

So I ordered food through from Bistro Bistro in Washington DC and for the first time the order never made it.  Foodler claimed that Bistro Bistro Washington DC got the order and Bistro Bistro claims that they never saw the order.  Regardless of what happened, I wrote to Foodler to let them know I was upset, and in Foodler fashion they called and took immediate care of me.

On the other hand, I also called Bistro Bistro which is one of my favorite local Italian Restaurants.  Not only did they take care of me, but the manager got on the phone, apologized and would not let me hang up until I was a happy customer again.  It is very rare to find two companies with such excellent service, especially when something goes wrong.  What was more impressive was the way that Bistro Bistro handled the situation and that is why I’d like to share some of my favorite foods from them. If you are in Washington DC and hungry for really good italian delivery, you have to order Bistro Bistro!

The crab, artichoke and spinach dip.

The Bistro Bistro crab dip is outstanding.  It is served with fresh bread and you can taste the real crab meat inside.  The spinach is a great touch and the artichokes with the crab and spinach not only complement each other with the cream sauce, but the creaminess and cheesy warm goodness combined with the delicious bread make this one of my favorite comfort foods and you can only get crab dip this good from Bistro Bistro DC.

French Onion Soup.

If you’ve ever made French Onion Soup, you know there is an art to it.  Somehow Bistro Bistro has found a way to make it not only taste great, but keep the flavors and parts cohesive while being able to deliver it.  This is one of the only places I have ever been able to order french onion soup for delivery and have it come out restaurant quality.

Crevette Coquille St. Jacques.

This amazing mix of sauteed shrimp, diver sea scallops and a tomatoe and cream sauce is an amazing appetizer that works for a meal for me.  When I dug into this dish I ended up soaking every last bit of sauce into the bread and didn’t let a bit go to waste.

Everything I have had from Bistro Bistro in Washington DC has been excellent.  I love it and my friends love it as well.  They have everything from a surf and turf to pizzas and even an amazing selection of salads, pastas and a lasagna that I go absolutely crazy for.  I highly recommend ordering from Bistro Bistro and if you are ever in Washington DC and are to lazy to go out, they are always a great option.

Sauteed shrimp, diver sea scallops, and mushrooms in a tomato cream sauce.

Three Olives Lemon Lime Cocktails – Thanks Nick Dellavella

The other weekend I went to Philadelphia to get away from DC for a while.  Not to mention to have a few pretzels and hit one of my favorite showtunes nights in the country.  During my trip I ended up meeting someone named Nick Dellavella who is a Rep. for Three Olives Vodka.  Now if you know me you know that I never stray from my Absolute Raspberry and soda water, but with enough pressure, Nick convinced me to try the brand new Three Olives Lemon Lime “The Dewd” Vodka.  Surprisingly enough, I ended up loving it.  Not only can you make a ton of Three Olives Cocktail Recipes out of The Dewd Vodka, but just like with Absolute, I woke up without a hangover.  Not only did I feel great in the morning, but the vodka goes down very smooth, especially the flavored.

The nice thing about the flavored Three Olives Vodkas is that the flavors are so strong that they are almost like a cordial instead of a liquor.  You could actually put them on the rocks and they become a mixed drink on their own.  Unfortunately for them, and Nick Dellavella, the Foodie in me has to take over and create my own drinks out of the Three Olives Vodka flavors.  So here are a few fun cocktail recipes for the Three Olives “The Dewd” Lemon Lime Vodka.

Lemon, Lime and Lychee Martini. 

The Triple L isn’t only fun to say, but it is absolutely delicious.  Take a few ounces of Three Olives Lemon Lime Dude Vodka and shake it over ice.  Now pour it in a chilled martini glass and place a little bit of cane sugar in the bottom…if you want it sweeter.  Now, take some lychee nectar or juice your own lychees and squirt about one or two tablespoons worth into the martini.  (You can also put the lychee juice or nectar in the shaker if you don’t want a leveled drink).  And now top it with a lime twist and you have a fun and leechy, lemon and lime martini.

Cherry Lime Bombs. 

This one is fun for parties.  What you do is soak cherries, without the pits so no one chips a tooth, in the raspberry vodka of your choice in a cup or a bowl.  Then take lime wedges and put them in a glass or bowl and soak them in the Three Olives Lemon Lime Vodka.  Let the cherries and limes soak in the vodka for about 24 hours in the refrigerator and then about 20 minutes before your party get ready to lay them out and prep them.

Set the lime wedge facing up and take a little plastic sword, wooden cocktail umbrella or something else fun and pierce the cherry through the middle and make it so that it sits on top of the lime.  You may want to put a warning sign above the fruit that says toxic, but these little sweet and sour treats are sure to kick in to even the most seasoned drinker.  You can also use them for Margaritas and Mojitos as alcoholic garnishes.

The Three Olives Lemon Lime Mojito.

This is actually very simple.  Take your standard Mojito recipe with mint leaves, lime juice, etc… except instead of rum you can use the Three Olives Lemon Lime The Dewd Vodka.  If you need it a little more sour, squeeze an extra fresh lime into the drink.  It tastes fabulous and depending on the rum that you had used, it may be lower in calories.  This is one of my new favorite Three Olives The Dewd Vodka recipes.

Thank you again to Nick Dellavella for introducing me to this new Vodka brand that I probably never would have tried before.  Three Olives is very lucky to have him on their team and I am happy to have a new vodka to turn to if the bar doesn’t have Absolute.  Thank you again for reading.

Dear Philadelphia, you lose. With love Stueben’s of Denver

Stueben's of Denver

Stueben's of Denver

Philadelphia is a city I love.  There is amazing food like soft pretzels and some great NYC styled pizza shops.  Until today I prized one little store that I am obsessed with for the famous Philly Cheesteak.  Unfortunately for them, from now on when I think of cheessteaks, only one place will come to mind, Stueben’s in Denver Colorado.  (This is one of the places that you could see on Diners, Drive ins and Dives).

Stueben’s is a little dinner styled restaurant with a fabulous bar full of fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits for the drinks.  A great look and extremely friendly staff and more importantly, creative and intelligent food at very reasonable prices.  I did find it disappointing that what was recommended to me was a cheesesteak when I asked for the most popular or famous dish, especially when there are so many creative things on the menu, but this cheesesteak put all others to shame.   So here was my meal and here is my own variation on one incredible side that you have to try if you are ever at Stueben’s in Denver Colorado.

Stueben's Moscow Mule

Stueben's Moscow Mule

I sat down at the bar and you are immediately drawn to the ambiance of this dinner.  It has a classic 1970’s diner feel with a modern and country western styled twist.  I knew that I instantly had to try a drink and the only thing that would work is their world famous Moscow Mule in a tin or brass cup.  I don’t normally like ginger beer or some of the other ingredients, but on a hot Denver day, this drink is light, thirst quenching and perfect.  As I was enjoying this delicious drink, the bartender came over and helped me pick out some food.  I ended up with the cheesesteak with everything on it and a side of crispy brusslesprouts. The cheesesteak was amazing like I said, but the real winner were these amazing, salty and crispy baby cabbages flash fried to perfection.

Stueben's Crispy Brusselsprouts

Stueben's Crispy Brusselsprouts

Not only were they great on their own because of the salt they sprinkled on them, but when paired with a red pepper aoili, you absolutely cannot go wrong.  The problem with me eating out though is that I always want to steal the recipe and make it my own.  So as I am going crazy over these delicious crispy brusselsprouts, I instantly came up with my own variations.  Here is the Stueban’s of Denver recipe and how I would change it.

Take the brusselsprouts and flash fry them at 350 degrees in canola oil for 3o seconds.  Then sprinkle or throw them through some salt and serve.  It’s actually just that simple.  The problem for me is that I love something a little bit more, so here is how I would and will be doing it when I get home.

Take the brusselsprouts and flash fry them for 30 seconds with slab bacon chopped into cubes.  Then take it and sprinkle a little bit of coarse grain sea salt over them.  Now, instead of creating a red pepper aioli sause for dipping, I am thinking honey mixed with a little bit of a hot pepper, ancho chile or cayanne would be perfect, and also a bit of apricot preserves.  If you melt them all together you should get a spicey and sweet apricot dipping sauce that would completely taste amazing along side the salty, crispy bacon brusselsprouts.

Stueben's Denver

Stueben's Denver

Stueben's Denver Bar

Stueben's Denver Bar

Stueben’s of Denver Colorado is a must see and must eat if you are ever in Denver.  I highly recommend it!

The 5 best delivery restaurants in Washington DC

Living in DC you have access to just about every type of food imaginable.  You have restaurants that cost $500 per dinner and some that cost $5.  The one issue you run into though is that delivery can be hard to find.  Because of that I wanted to help you all with 5 of the best places to order delivery in Washington DC.

1.  Bistro Bistro in Washington DC.  Bistro Bistro offers restaurant quality good and an awesome menu.  What’s even better is they deliver everything from French Onion Soup to giant servings of Tiramisu.  Their food tastes extremely fresh and homemade, but the delivery is extremely slow.  The crab and spinach dip and mussel appetizers are excellent.  The Pizza is so-so and the steak sandwich is lacking, but everything else is great.  I highly recommend Bistro Bistro. the food is a great mix of seafood and italian and you will absolutely love it.

1727 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009

2.  Italian Pizza Kitchen on U Street.  Italian Pizza Kitchen on U street is a great place that is opened late.  Their pizza falls short because of the crust, but they use fresh, whole ingredients and take their time with the food.  They also have great pasta for their Lasagna.  Their buffalo wings are excellent 99% of the time and their Panini’s are absolutely amazing.  Be ready to be stuffed and want more when you order panninis and wings from Italian Pizza Kitchen.

1110 U St Northwest
Washington, DC 20009

3.  Thai Tanic on 14th st NW.  Thai Tanic is absolutely amazing.  There is nothing bad on the menu and the prices are incredible.  My personal favorite is #39 done medium spicy.  The appetizers are a hit or miss and will depend on your tastes, but the entrees are amazing.  It may look like a hole in the wall, but when you see the two and three hour waits on the weekends, then taste their food, you’ll quickly discover why they are a leading Thai restaurant in DC.

1326 14th Street Northwest
Washington D.C., DC 20005

4.  Alero.  Alero is way to expensive to have delivered because they use a third party vendor.  Unfortunately their Mexican and Mexican fusion food is absolutely amazing.  If you are craving Mexican and don’t mind spending a ton of extra money on delivery, (anywhere from $10 to $20 in fees), you have to order Alero.  My favorites are their nachos, chimichangas and pretty much everything else I have had there.

1301 U St NW

5.  Banana Leaves.  Banana Leaves is absolutely amazing Asian food.  You can order a variety of Asian food and all of them are amazing.  My personal favorites from their menu are their crabmeat rangoons (they are freshly made and come with an awesome spicy sauce), the brown chinese chicken fried rice (The Thai is alright as well) and the Drunken Noodles.

2020 Florida Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009

If you’re in DC and don’t feel like going out, ordering in can be tricky as the amount of decent places that deliver is extremely limited.  If you stick to any of the 5 places mentioned here, you should end up with an incredible meal that you’ll be craving again and again.