Best Ballpark Grub in Boston?

Okay all you Red Sox fans.

I’m going to my first game at Fenway in August at Affiliate Summit. I am a baseball junkie and I have been waiting to do this for a long time (no thanks to you Miller… you know what I mean) and will finally have the chance.

The action outside of fenway

Of course, I am also a devoted foodie and I am wondering what the “can’t miss” ballpark grub items are at Fenway or outside of it. Like I said previously… I am a foodie… NOT a gourmet. I have no problem eating from a dirty water hotdog stand or a hole in the wall restaurant.

I got some tips from FoodTV, but I want to hear from the fans. So – what should I eat? The best tip I get will be lavished with praise on this here blog.

Eat well…. Eat often… Repeat

Wade Tonkin

(photo from

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