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I mentioned a while back that we’re coming to Boston from August 9-13 for a trade show.   We’re really excited to be hitting a town that we don’t have a ton of experience with.  It makes for a more adventurous trip as there are no comfortable “fall back” places to go to.   Every meal out will be a new adventure.

So here’s the deal -  if you are from the Boston area- and know Jack about the food and drink scene – we want to hear from you.   If you’d like to contribute some posts or reviews, let us know and we’ll set you up an account.   If you have a food blog of your own, we’ll throw you a back link.   If you’d like to podcast and can really bring it – let’s do it.  Get in touch with me at info [at] and let’s make arrangments.

I’m looking to put out some content in a number of areas: best places to take a client, best places to  get a great meal on a budget, best neighborhood joint, best fine dining, best street food, best place for a martini,  best neighborhood bar near the Seaport hotel, best ethnic cuisine.   You get the picture.

Stay tuned here.. we’re starting our “Best of Boston” series over the weekend with a podcast with Drew Koven of the best cookie and brownie bakers in Boston, Geoff and Drew’s Cookies.

Now – I am off to shop – cooking up the Orzo with Asparagus from our last guest Carolyn Tang’s site


  1. Stay tuned on this one… we have heard back from some awesome Boston Foodie Bloggers who are going to join us in coming weeks including the folks from, and

    Any other Boston Foodies out there want in? Get in touch at [email protected]

    – Wade

  2. There was a killer place once upon a time called Josephs Aquarium – had amazing seafood.
    You cannot go wrong in Little Italy there are wonderful cozy places to eat and it is there you will find the most amazing canoli. Head to Quincy Market for lots of great night spots.

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