Bourbon Milkshake Recipe from Mr. BBQ

I wanted to thank our good friend Bruce Bjorkman of Cooking Outdoors with Mr. Barbecue and The Libation Station for an awesome recipe that he gave us during our podcast yesterday. I am trying this one this weekend and it sounds absolutely lights out.

The Bourbon Milkshake: So the other nite, I’m sitting out on the patio with my Bar-B-Cutie and I get this hankering for a bourbon flavored milkshake. “Should be lots of recipes on the net,” she says.


So we devised our own. Gotta admit I’m hooked! What a treat! But remember…for folks 21 and older please.

6 ice cubes
2.5 cups premium vanilla ice cream
2 cups milk (whole preferred of course)
1/4 cup bourbon (a sweeter tasting brand like Knob Creek or Maker’s Mark is best)

Put all ingredients into a blender and blend for about
20 seconds-to break up ice cubes and make a thick, smooth shake.
Pour into glass. Makes 3-6 oz. servings. Ohhh it’s so yummy!

Like I said, I am making one of these (let’s be honest here… probably more than one) this weekend and will report back. Meanwhile, we’re always happy to get reviews of recipes from our visitors in the comments.


  1. This looks great especially now as I sit here in triple digit weather!! YUM


  2. Try substituting IRISH MIST for the bourbon. I think you'll find that it has more flavor and blends better with the vanilla ice cream. You might also want to check out a high octane coffee/chocolate milkshake recipe at which ties into a movie (“There Will Be Blood”) theme. NIce graphic, as well.

  3. i'd love to try that milkshake

  4. so did you try it already? any reviews of this recipe yet?

  5. try emperador in place of the bourbon

  6. I don't know if I buy healthy – rich in protein – yes. Daily serving of Dairy? definitely
    Pretty fatty though and if you make them like I do – I am sure that (other than relieving stress,) the Bourbon is not the healthiest.

    Maybe all these factor into why they are so delicious.

  7. Oh man. I tried one of these this weekend. It was awesome. Definitely stick with the Maker’s!

  8. One word: SoCo……Southern Comfort..all the sweetness and perfect whiskey flavor 🙂

  9. Here’s another great twist on this – use a good quality vanilla ice cream with some caramel and Maker’s Mark. We had these in Vegas at BLT Burger – they are phenomenal!

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