Bed Rest Food Art

I came across this article this afternoon and it’s just too sweet to not post!

Gat and Shirley Sirivong are expecting a baby boy in December, but unfortunately Shirley’s been laid up on complete bed rest and a very strict special diet. To spice up her bland breakfasts, Gat has turned them into lovely little works of art.

Who knew you could express so much love with boiled eggs and wheat toast!

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Bacon. . .but he’s not on a horse.

Yes, Mr. Old Spice Guy, everything is better with bacon.

Overeating leads to…jail time?

Ok, I will be the first to admit, I have -never- understood food eating competitions. I mean, what’s the purpose of gorging yourself on something? Why not slow down and savor each delectable morsel?

Regardless of my personal disdain of this sort of speedy display, there is nevertheless a sizable fanbase for this “sport”. (Pun intended!)

Every July Fourth, Nathan’s Hot Dogs hosts a hot dog-eating competition on Coney Island. For the last three years, a man named Joey Chestnut has beaten another man named Takeru Kobayashi. Kobayashi stunned the world in 2001 by doubling the hot dog and bun record from 25 to 50 in 12 minutes and held the record for six straight years until Chestnut beat him in 2007. This year, Kobayashi had some sort of contract dispute with Major League Eating (yeah…they actually have a group that sanctions professional eating competitions…there’s even an international group, the International Federation of Competitive Eating) and on June 28th, he announced he wouldn’t be competing this year. All fine and good… until he showed up and took the stage at the end of the competition (which Chestnut won again for the fourth year in a row) and was promptly arrested.

David Zelken Dominates a 3.5 Pound Chimichanga!

Our friend from Shareasale, David Zelken absolutely dominates the “Big Mel” challenge at Dos Diablos, a new Mexican restaurant in Chicago. The “Big Mel” is a 3.5 pound Chimichanga with all the fixin’s. My big question here, is – where the heck did a skinny guy like David pack in all this grub. – A Brief Reprieve

As various publications and blogs reported yesterday, Gourmet Magazine is closing, effective immediately. The big question stirring around the web now however is, “What about

While the site apparently won’t be publishing any new content, according to this memo from Drew Schutte, senior vice president and chief revenue officer at Conde Nast Digital, the site will remain accessible through the end of the year:

Changes like this are tough, but the long term goal is a positive impact on our overall business.

To that end, a singular focus now within the Bridal category, should have a positive impact on our sales and marketing efforts.
In regard to and Gourmet,com, the sites will remain up at least through the end of the year.

If you have advertisers booked into 2010 or feel those booked on them now will be interested in a change, please call Christine to discuss.

Between Epicurious, our editorial for Mom’s, and new Mom’s demographic buy, we have solid options to offer.

So what does this mean to you? It means you don’t have to panic to grab recipes off of for archiving RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND!! You’ll have a couple of weeks to say goodbye, cry in your wine and pick out the classic and elegant recipes you’ll pass on to your children as part of your family food heritage.