My Big City Slider Station is a Big Sh__ty Slider Station.

Okay – I am now totally frustrated with the Big City Slider Station (hence the suggested name change.)

As one of the commentors in a previous post pointed out – the “non-stick” coating on this POS wears out at a thought and starts to stick to your food.  EWWWWWWWWW!

This morning I pulled out the BCSS to make some sausage patties for the kids and I and when pulled the “lid” of the pan off to give the patties a flip to get a good brown color on both sides and instead was greeted by a familiar looking grey film on the top side of the patties.  I repeat- EWWWWWWWW!

I don’t know what that crap is made of – do you ?

I have used this thing a grand total of about 5 times and I have been good about not washing in the dishwasher, etc. as directed – so I don’t think I am at fault here.

I would love to have a cast iron version of this thing or a heavier construction pan with a much better non-stick coating that will at least stick top the pan and not my damn food.  The idea is awesome… the execution is well… not so awesome.

In the end – I got a freebie – so I guess I got what I paid for.

Buy at your own risk.

What is your foodie pet peeve?

So – you have just spent the last 30 – 60 minutes cranking out some awesome grub that you have seasoned perfectly (and tasted to make sure.) You plate it up artfully and bring it out and place it in front of your guests… and the first thing that they do is attack your pride and joy with the salt and pepper – assuming it needs it? (without even a taste first)


What is your foodie pet peeve? Please discuss below.

No muffins for you! A late night food rant. . .

Ok, so this will be a bit of a rant, but hey…I’m feeling a bit robbed here.

Tonight, I needed to make a relatively quick dinner. It was late, we still had work to do and according to my five year old son, everyone was “Staaaarving.” So quick it was. I pulled out a bag of frozen chicken breasts, a few zucchini and yellow squash from my mother-in-law’s burgeoning garden (thanks Corene!) and then thought about what else to make to go with it. I wasn’t in a cous-cous mood, and as I’ve previously noted, my success with rice is less than stellar, and we didn’t have a loaf of french bread around, so I started hunting through the cupboards. I found a box of Krusteaz Wild Blueberry Muffin Mix. Bingo.

So, I get everything out and my eight year old daughter is helping. We’re mixing it up and I teach her how to fold in the blueberries…all that good teach-your-kids-how-to-cook kinda stuff. She gets out the muffin pans while I tend to the rest of dinner and suddenly she pipes up.

“Mom? How come the box only makes 10 muffins when the pan has 12 holes?”

I, in my common sense stupidity answer “No honey, the box makes 12. Look again.”

She responds “No…it says 10 on the back and the side and even the little picture has only 10 muffins and two blank holes.” (Bless her heart for looking at the nutritional panel!)

I take the box and what do you know, but it only makes 10 MUFFINS!? When the heck did they change that! It’s like buying a package of 10 hot dog buns and only 8 hot dogs. I have no idea when they started short changing the box and charging me MORE for it, but I’m feeling a little more than put out here. Total highway robbery.

So I guess the lesson is threefold:

• Read packaging regularly, even if it’s a product you regularly buy.

• Stop buying crappy baking mixes and just do it yourself. It’s cheaper and better for you.

• Give more credit to your kids. They’re pretty darn observant.

I am so geeking out for Indian food now

Maybe it has something to do with the awe-inspiring Padma… I don’t know.

I came across an Indian grocery in Burlington WA a couple of weeks ago…. I didn’t go in for a while because I was just too busy.   I had some time to myself last Saturday and I went in to find out that they were going out of business THAT DAY…. Crap!

Where I going to get my Naan and Gulab Jamen fix on a regular basis now?

Did you know that they have Indian spiced Ramen noodles?

And could they please put some ratings and different measurements of spices on packages like hot, medium, mild and “white guy?”   I made Tandoori Chicken from a spice blend I got there for my wife and kids and I, and I nearly melted my wife… and I used half the mix.

I was sweating my butt off as I ate it… but I loved it.

More to come

– Wade