Celebrity chef stalkers rejoice in the “Last Supper”

Last Supper BookGuest post by Ian Larsen

I am always looking for a celebrity chef fix, my Tivo is full of Ming Tsai & Mario Batali, just in case I need to whet my palate. I came across this coffee table book called My Last Supper: 50 Great Chefs and Their Final Meals that puts these chef’s final culinary desires out there for everyone to see. What’s fascinating is the difference between all of these 50 chef’s. You think of your last meal as your favorite food, some have simple bread and cheese, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, ripe tomatoes with basil, sea salt and vinegar and others have multi-course meals from around the world.

The book has quotes Tyler Florence, Anthony Bourdain (check out the bone pic!), Thomas Keller, Jacques Pepin, Charlie Trotter, April Bloomfield, Suzanne Goin and most certainly your favorite chef.

Here are my favorite chef’s what their last supper would be:

Rick Bayless, an amazing mexican food chef in Chicago (Experience Frontera Grill next time you are in Chicago) hits my sweet spot with all of his spice, chili’s and citrus.

Last meal: Carnitas, my personal favorite. In the book he graces us with his amazing recipe for Carnitas (happens to be MY last supper choice). The recipe itself is worth buying this book! Nothing beats hunks of pork cooked in pork fat…

Mario Batali, everyone has heard of Malto Mario. Besides the orange Crocks and scooter he drives from restaurant to vendor to restaurant in downtown NY, he does bring a thrilling education to his cooking. His homestyle and traditional italian cuisine inspires and shows just how easy it can be. I have to give pops a plug, next time you are in Seattle check out papa Batali’s deli Salumi.

Mario’s last supper: I can’t list the 10 courses, but some highlights: Fresh raw radishes (with olive oil and sea salt), Mozzarella en carozza (a panfried, gooey grilled cheese sandwich), Furore wine from Marisa Cuomo of Ischia, grilled lobster, oysters to finish with Affogato al caffe (ice cream in a bath of chilled espresso, sponge cake, rum, YUM).

Gordon Ramsey, although that show where he beats up all those upcoming chef’s is not my style, what he does in Kitchen Nightmares is so perfect. This english madman has a simple approach to his last supper though.

Gordon’s last supper: Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding with a red wine gravy. After reading his page it seems it is more about him spending time with his wife, “mum” and 4 kids COOKING his last meal. Didn’t know the bulldog could be so sweet.

Before you go buy this book! Comment below with your last supper!


  1. How strange that I was just thinking about this… my last meal would most certainly be my mom's spareribs in black bean sauce, a recipe that I have never managed to perfect. Accompanied with rice, spinach sauteed in garlic, and a bottomless, stemless glass of pinot grigio. (I know that doesn't pair too well, but it's my meal, darnit.)

    For dessert, a cheese platter…cow, sheep and goat. Maybe a nice hazelnut gelato?

    And having it all in a clean, quiet, candlelit room, with my loved ones around me. šŸ™‚

  2. Hmm…I certainly hope my last meal is many, many decades from now!!

    If I had any say in the matter, I would want my Great Grandma's sauerkraut, my Grandma Chris' icebox rolls, twice fried green beans (a recipe from my physics professor Tianbao Xie ), my brother in law Darren's duck (oh how I yearn for this recipe!), a lovely glass of merlot, and a dessert tray worthy of being called “to die for” involving copious amounts of chocolate. And caramel. I love caramel!

  3. Mmmmm, have you tried those fleur de sel caramels yet? I have been fingering a box of them at our local wine and cheese shop, but have yet to succumb. (diet and all)

  4. I did a few years ago at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show and they were beyond divine. You must try them and you have to eat them salt side down. Heavenly!

    You can get them at online if you can't find them locally:
    French Fleur de Sel Caramels by Paris Caramels

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  6. Rick Bayless is so good! Carnitas is my favorite too, hope to meet them all in person, I'll show them how to cook my specialty.

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