Death of a Coffee Pot

As with most other thirty-ish people we know, our day starts with the sweet nectar of morning coffee. It’s what makes us ready to face the pile of email that shows up at 8am. It’s what keeps us awake for that mid morning meeting that is so incredibly booooooring. It’s what makes us a little jittery around 3pm.

We’ve gotta have it.

And this morning, we didn’t.

I’ll be the first to admit, our current coffee pot is just short of garbage to start with…a friend gave it to us when he ended up with an extra freebie from an online coffee purveyor. Yeah, you know the one. Since our old coffee pot had just died an inglorious death by me accidentally breaking the glass carafe, we took it and used it faithfully nearly every morning. I would occassionally deep clean it since we have hard water and things tend to grit up after awhile. Well, today we started the coffee at 7:15am. It’s now 10am and IT JUST FINISHED. We didn’t even brew a full pot! Arg!

So, my fellow foodies…I need your help! I’m not looking for a $20 fix nor some fancy machine that will break the bank, but it’s time for us to graduate from the kiddie coffee pot to something more refined. Can you recommend a good coffee maker for us in the comments below? My hubby will thank you once I have my coffee fix…


  1. Krups Grind and Brew 10 Cup – the $149 investment would be worth every penny

  2. I recommend starting your research at ConsumerSearch – it’s a site that reviews all the reviews. They not only aggregate review results, but also take into account how those actual reviews were performed:

    It’s a handy site, and they’re typically on target.

  3. i have the cuisinart grind and brew with the thermal carafe. i love it. i’ve had it for 2+ years and it’s still working great.

    here’s why i love it:
    *programmable timer
    *coffee brews into thermal carafe that stays warm for SEVERAL hours
    *because it has the thermal carafe there is no heating element. so, no worries that you didn’t turn it off.
    *grinds the beans fresh everyday

    things to consider (not exactly cons but you might be really picky)
    *you can not control the grind. not a problem for me.
    *i’ve had overflow when use coffee that is pre-ground (don’t do it it often but in a pinch i’ve had to when out of beans)
    *the grinder means more parts to clean on a daily basis. (again, not a problem for me – part of my routine – but you might not want to wash all those parts everyday)

    let me know what you end up buying.

  4. I actually have a cuisinart grind and brew that you can have if you would like? 🙂 It’s not the thermal carafe one, but it’s about two years old and still in perfect condition. Ditto everything that Lisa said above!

  5. Listen to Lisa, the lady knows her coffee makers 🙂

  6. I hear Sunbeam makes great coffee machines at very reasonable prices. An Italian friend of mine has one and swears by it.

  7. Per Sawyer says

    If you want the best coffee made at home then you gotta get the Technivorm – check it out. It’s the only maker that gets the water to the proper 200F for good extractions…

    Good Luck

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