Eating Boston (so far)

I feel like I am well on the way to eating all of Boston, starting within 500 yards of the Seaport Hotel.

There are a ton of reviews coming from the UF team as well as from some of our foodie friends.   So far, I have had a pretty non-memorable fried food platter at “No Name” with fried clams, scallops, scrod, shrip and fries that seemed pretty Food Services of America to me…. just not well seasoned to be honest – the service is was awesome though and the waiter was a real character.

Yesterday, I had 2 meals at the highly recommended Aura in the hotel hear that ranged from “best I have had in a while” to “un-freaking-believable”  when I had the 2 of 3 of the 3 course Restaurant Week options for lunch and dinner.

More to come on that with pictures.


  1. hehe. start it now. 🙂

  2. Hope to catch more pictures of Boston food…

  3. please with pictures.. not just the food, we want to see what you like as well.

  4. that is a lot of eating. Watch your weight alright?

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