Get a little Flirty

…or a whole bunch of Flirty!

My favorite apron purveyor is having one of their infamous flash sales and you definitely don’t want to miss out. From now through this Wednesday, 2/5/14, you can get 40% off PLUS free shipping on any Flirty Apron.

Now, we’ve all had that experience with the craptastic and poorly made aprons that seem to fall apart after you wash them once or twice or that actually don’t protect your clothes. I sew, so I’m a huge critic of poorly made clothing and cheap materials, so I can honestly say that these are quality aprons. I own two myself and I’m actually going to have to expand my collection soon (perhaps with the pretty Women’s Apron Marilyn Venetian Rose!). With the rate my cooking helpers are growing, I’m going to swiftly be outnumbered by sous chefs using my aprons!

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