Gourmet.com – A Brief Reprieve

As various publications and blogs reported yesterday, Gourmet Magazine is closing, effective immediately. The big question stirring around the web now however is, “What about Gourmet.com?

While the site apparently won’t be publishing any new content, according to this memo from Drew Schutte, senior vice president and chief revenue officer at Conde Nast Digital, the Gourmet.com site will remain accessible through the end of the year:

Changes like this are tough, but the long term goal is a positive impact on our overall business.

To that end, a singular focus now within the Bridal category, should have a positive impact on our sales and marketing efforts.
In regard to Cookie.com and Gourmet,com, the sites will remain up at least through the end of the year.

If you have advertisers booked into 2010 or feel those booked on them now will be interested in a change, please call Christine to discuss.

Between Epicurious, our editorial for Mom’s, and new Mom’s demographic buy, we have solid options to offer.
Source: Mediaite.com

So what does this mean to you? It means you don’t have to panic to grab recipes off of Gourmet.com for archiving RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND!! You’ll have a couple of weeks to say goodbye, cry in your wine and pick out the classic and elegant recipes you’ll pass on to your children as part of your family food heritage.

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