If Bob Marley had a flavor

Ever wonder what the Reggae king would taste like? Ask for a Bob Marley the next time you’re near a well stocked liquor stash and you might find out. This stack of drinks was made in Nigril, Jamaica and was unexpectedly potent. There are a number of recipes you can find online, but none of them seem to have this combination of flavors, fruity and minty all at once.

Bob Marley shot

Bob Marley shot photo by Jen Goode

There are two versions, the safe and friendly and the pass out quickly… according to my sources anyway. Both start off with a layer of grenadine, then add banana liquor and top with a mint liquor. The more potent version has an added layer of Sambucca (or some other licorice liquor) which is hardly recognizable until the floor begins to spin. I’m no light weight, yet I found this shot to be both delicious and deadly.

Just remember, don’t over do it when you party with Bob.

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