Big City Slider Station – now I can make sliders at home

God only knows why, but I was watching late night TV last night and was actually confronted with a commercial for a product that I was intrigued by and might just have to pick up.  I was jarred from my semi-slumber by renowned high-volume pitchman Billy Mays (he of the “Just for Men” beard) yelling that I simply had to buy the Big City Slider Station

I started to think… since I am married with a couple of young kids… I don’t get to go out drinking, and subsequently seeking “sliders” all that much anymore, so it would be a hell of an idea to get this kitchen weapon that allows me to make my own “sliders” at home… or worse yet – get my kids hooked on these addictive little mini-burgers.

If you ( like me before the first time I went to Michigan and experienced my first White Castle “bag of 10” ) have no idea what the heck a “slider” is – it’s a mini-burger… on a mini-bun, usually accompanied by (and cooked on top of some mini-onions, with some mini-cheese on top if I have my way.  Purportedly, with this kitchen weapon of mass destruction,  you just heat up the bottom pan, drop in some ground beef, turkey, chicken, possum, etc.,  then press with the top half of the pan to flatten, and within a couple of minutes – voila – perfect slider goodness (thanks to the heat circulating action formed by the 2 part pan.)  Of course – since this is your standard “late night TV” offer there are freebies including a cookbook, a measuring spoon ( would be number 84 for me I think) and a “prep slicer” so I can cut my onions in perfect dice.

It kills me to admit it, but I am tempted to buy one of those things, which may result in me being struck by lightening or something since I am sure that I vowed at some point to never buy any product hawked by this screaming a-hole.

Rules are meant to be broken I guess.

A note to the fine folks at Severn Marketing – I would love to review one of these things…. a free one to play with and write up just might save my life.

Happy eating!



  1. I bought one and we love it

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  3. was googling for info on this.. Love your story.. 🙂 My college days were with Krystal burgers but it's all the same. Then late nights in DC picking up that bag at White Castle.. oh my. I think I have to buy one too.. the frozen ones just don't cut it unless you really steam them and that is a PITA 🙂

  4. was googling for info on this.. Love your story.. 🙂 My college days were with Krystal burgers but it's all the same. Then late nights in DC picking up that bag at White Castle.. oh my. I think I have to buy one too.. the frozen ones just don't cut it unless you really steam them and that is a PITA 🙂

  5. I'm 13-year-old who loves to cook. My aunt bought me 1 my nephew and I love it. If you have young kids and are too tired to cook, I'd reccomend buying 1.

  6. Kristin Battaglia says

    Wade, you are hilarious. I went to school in La Crosse Wisconsin where they used to have a place on 3rd street, called Hyperspace. Open past bartime, 5 mini burgers for a buck. Not that you'd remember eating them as you stumbled in, and out, the door. My 8 year old daughter wrote down the name and phone number of this slider station and wants one for Christmas. I got online to check out some feedback. Looks like I'll have to bite the bullet and get one. For her, of course..But you know I'll be re-living the glory days on 3rd street…..

  7. haha! i just bought one of these!

  8. We got one right before Christmas and it was the biggest hit of our Christmas Party. Now everyone wants one, the only prob. is finding the buns!!

  9. J Duke, go to costco if they have one in your area and get the Hawaiian style buns, they are just the right size and add a sweet taste to the burgers.

  10. I bought the big city slider station at Bed Bath and Beyond. I mix about two lbs. of 85 % lean ground beef so they don't shrink too much with half a packet of Lipton Onion mix and a little of worcestershire sauce. The mini burgers are delicious. But if you want to burn them a little to get the real grill taste, like I do, you are goin to go through HELL to clean it. I even used a lot of Pam anti-stick spray before cooking but there was not much difference. My recommendation perhaps would be to put foil paper on the thing before use.

  11. Dominick's have a variety of rolls in front of the meat department called King's Hawaiian, in an orange bag. Now, I haven't been able to find the potato ones.

  12. They can stick if you like to get some color on your burgers, so I'd give some of the “high heat” pan spray a shot. You could use higher fat beef as well, but you just end up with a really shunken burger that is deep fat fried.

    My favorite recipe so far was adding some cooked bacon, cheddar cheese cut in little cubes, some Montreal Steak Seasoning, caramelized onions, and Worcestershire Sauce. I slopped a little “Homade” Chili Sauce on the bun and it was some good eating.

  13. I do need to try the King's Hawaiian rolls – I got some generic dinner rolls at the local grocery store and they were a little too much bread. I found myself cutting out about a third of them to try to get the proportions in order.

  14. Hilarious. I feel the same way about Billy Mays and i was just as surprised/disgusted with myself as you were for wanting the thing, but I just MIGHT have to get one for my dad's birthday this year 🙂

  15. Frustrating thing is – as annoying as Billy is – he has to be effective or he wouldn't keep getting hired – the guy has got to be richer than Elvis or something – I'm just glad I have a food blog or I might have had to actually pay for one – then I'd really be ashamed.

  16. Courtney says

    Don't bother. Total junk! My wife and I tried ours out yesterday. The first two batches were fine, but non-stick finish came off on “sliders” in the third batch. Also, possum is spelled opossum. It starts with an “O.”

  17. I have to say – the one area where it is lacking is the non stick surface….. it…. sticks.

    I make sure to “Pam” it and it seems to do okay as long as I don't use super sweet sauce in the meat or cheese.

    Definitely don't wash in the dish washer or your “non-stick” will be gone.

    In the end… I didn't invest a ton of money – so I am not all that unhappy.

  18. Marcus Goodrich says

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!! I did and they sold my contact info to a marketing company even though I have a “do not call number” I'm getting calls every day.

  19. That would be another good reason on top of the fact that they are just enormous pieces of crap quality wise.

  20. Courtney – it's my blog and I'll mis-spell “opossum” if I want to.

  21. I love my Big City Slider Station. It isn’t high end cookware, but it is fun and it makes cooking sliders and egg sandwiches very easy.

    Here is my review:

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