Best in Boston part 3:

Last week I was  joined by Paul Schiavone, the President of and Honor Lydon, the Managing Editor of the Restaurant News to chat about the Boston foodie scene and the hot and interesting chefs in Boston right now.

There are a ton of great restaurant names thrown around in this podcast including a few like Persephone and Aura that were brought up in some previous chats… where there is agreement between food writers and critics, there must be a heck of a meal.

We covered in detail a couple of the areas that we are really interested in hitting – the Seaport area, where we’ll be staying and working, the Fenway area where I will be making my baseball pilgrimage and Cambridge.


Paul and Honor really know the lay of the land when it comes to chef’s and restaurants in Boston and they also produce an amazing site at – they are really brilliant in that they actually provide menu’s and pictures (talk about your food porn) of the food from the restaurants they review.

Enjoy the Podcast!

Best of Boston: Hidden Boston Restaurants

Karen and Joel and I were in for a treat last week when we sat down with Marc from

Marc has spent a number of years writing on the Boston food scene beyond the tourist routes. He specializes in getting into the neighborhoods and checking out the places that are off the beaten path and has put together over 2000 pages of content on his site at He does a great job of breaking things down by Cuisine, Region and Cost to it’s easy to find what you want on his site. For instance in the Ethnic Foods section, he has you covered from Afghan to Vietnamese.

We started off asking him for recommendations around the Seaport area where we’ll be for the Affiliate Summit conference and branched out from there and ended up talking Fenway Park area food and Irish Pub Grub for the return trip after Tuesday night’s Red Sox game. Enjoy the podcast:


Some of his picks were:

Near the Seaport:

Eastern Pier – Hong Kong Style Seafood and Chinese food – not much to look at from outside, great view and “boat up” service with food and payment made by bucket out the window to boats waiting at the dock.

Salvatore’s – local Italian chain joint with funky “Euro” feel

The Channel Cafe – In the 4 Point Channel District – combo restaurant/ art gallery with great sandwiches, soups and salads


Shanti – mid to upscale Indian food in Dorcester – great food and service – light crowds every time Marc has been in.

Pho So 1Boston – Vietnamese noodle soup joint on Dorcester Avenue.

Mark recommends Dorcester Avenue for a variety of affordable ethnic cuisines.

Fenway Park Area:

India Quality

El Polon Tacqueria

Brown Sugar Cafe

Audobon Circle

We had a great time with Marc and look forward to investigating some of his recommendations in just over a week.   You can check out his site at

Best of Boston:

Karen and I were recently joined by Lauren Clark of on one of our favorite Ultimate Foodie podcasts to date. We’re headed to Boston for a tradeshow in 2 weeks and we wanted to know all about what the Boston bar scene was like and what the coolest places were to go for a relaxed beer or classic cocktail after any show festivities.

Lauren Clark is the publisher of, a guide to bars, bartenders and imbibing in Beantown. She is also a freelance drinks journalist who has written for the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald and the New York Times, among other publications. A former bartender and brewer, Lauren is a founding member of the Boston chapter of Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails (LUPEC).

We chatted with Lauren for about 25 minutes and got some great tips from her on her top picks for nightlife for Affiliate Summit attendees.


Lauren has a really cool point of view that matches up with me as she isn’t a fan of the fancy neo-martini’s and clubs with velvet ropes to keep people out. She loves bars with history, great service, experienced bar tenders who know their stuff and ambience. Some of her favorite picks are:

Near the Seaport Hotel:

Legal Seafoods Test Kitchen


Tamo Bar at Aura (on site at Seaport Hotel)

Les Zygomates

The Bar at Radius

Kingston Station

Beer Bars –

The Publick House

The Cambridge Brewing Company in Kendall Square – oldest brew pub in Boston area.

Deep Ellum – tons of beers on tap along with some cool aged cask beers

Lauren’s Pick for best bar and best drink in Boston: The Pisco Sour at Eastern Standard

You can find the rest of her picks for the best bar’s in Boston at

If you have been to Boston or are from the Boston area and have your favorites, let’s hear them. Please feel free to comment below. is coming to Boston

Boston Skyline

Karen, Joel and I will be coming to Boston in August for Affiliate Summit and we need some help.

With what you ask?   Well, we need your recommendations for the dining experiences in Boston that we just shouldn’t miss.   So – if you are a local, or just someone who has had a memorable meal in Boston,  tell us about it.   Here’s what we’d like to hear about from you:

  • What is the best seafood restaurant?
  • What’s the best steak house?
  • What is the most quintessentially Boston place to eat and drink?
  • What is the best “local joint” to grab a beer and a meal, or just a quick bite?

We’d love to hear from you.  If you have some suggestions, please comment below.

Bon Appetit!