Battle of the LA Live burgers

If you’re a fan of the bacon cheese burger, there are two places at LA Live! that you can get a delicious meal, Wolfgang Puck and the Yard House. There’s something about traveling and working that makes me hungry for a good ol’ burger. Nothing like a big dose of juicy protein to revitalize the system.

Wolfgang Puck burger at LA Live

Wolfgang Puck burger at LA Live

Yard House burger at LA Live

Yard House burger at LA Live

Despite all the unnecessary vegetables on the plate and the lack of bacon, I prefer the Wolfgang Puck burger (who needs all those pickles???). It was bigger with a more substantial bun and a bit more flavor cooked right into the meat. However, the service at the Yard House was much better. The Yard House bun was nice and soft, almost Wonder Bread squishy which I liked but not with a big burger. Burgers aside, the yard House has much yummier desserts…

Yard House ice cream with freshly baked cookie at LA Live

Yard House ice cream with freshly baked cookie at LA Live

This ice cream sundae was enormous! I didn’t have a bite, I was too busy stuffing fries into my face. Another yummy dessert they serve is a freshly backed brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top. We were too amazed at the size to remember to take a picture.

Regardless of all the noise we land locked folk make about California and sprouts, there is indeed delicious meat to be had in the Golden State.

What do you get when you combine eggs, BBQ pork, salsa and bacon?

If you’re unsure of this combination, think again, it’s delicious! In our house we tend to “invent” a lot of meals from whatever we have in the fridge. Sometimes it’s leftovers, sometimes we are missing ingredients for otherwise normal meals and sometimes we are just feeling adventurous. This tortilla happiness was the result of a lack of interest in cooking anything big for the day combined with the lack of wanting to make the effort going out to eat.

There isn’t even an official name for this meal because there’s so much going on. Feel free to create your own title, ya never know, it might just stick. Maybe just “scrumptious wrap” will do.

Tortilla yum

photo by Jen Goode

Ingredients in order from bottom to top (because that’s how you pile it).

  • Flour tortilla
  • American cheese
  • Fried egg
  • Salsa
  • BBQ pulled pork
  • Maple bacon
  • Tomato

Then wrap it all up and chow down!

Seattle man creates bust of Kevin Bacon using … bacon

This week in bacon news:


A dad in Seattle, Wash. is hoping his bacon inspired bust of actor Kevin Bacon will help rake in a lot of money for families at a local children’s hospital.Dave Lefkow has a daughter who is battling leukemia and is constantly in and out of the hospital.

Lefkow works at a local company that makes bacon salt. He made a bust of Kevin Bacon out of bacon pieces. The piece of art took three months to create.

“We just thought, what if Kevin Bacon was made out of bacon? And that was sort of the first idea. It was just a crazy dream that we have,” said Lefkow.

The brain trust behind this promotion is the team behind Bacon Salt

If you are interested in picking up the Bacon bust of Kevin Bacon on eBay – you can find the auction here (at the time of writing, the bid was up to $2000)

Bacon. . .but he’s not on a horse.

Yes, Mr. Old Spice Guy, everything is better with bacon.


Funky Food Friday: Bacon Bits!

A friend sent this awesome “20 Awesome Things About Bacon” poster to me and I just had to share!
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