How do you open a banana?

Well, the end of summer is nearly here which means that soon my little ones will be headed back to school and I’ll actually have more time to post! I’ll have to get up earlier to deal with that whole get-them-off-to-school-early thing, but that’s ok. My kids eat breakfast pretty well and one of their favorite things is bananas.

Now, I’m not a fan of the mushy banana, unless I’m making banana bread. I prefer mine almost green thank you very much, but sometimes they can be hard to open and you end up having to break out the knife or worse, your teeth. Blech!

I stumbled across this great little video this morning and I was intrigued! In retropect, it makes sense…a banana is essentially a seedpod and seedpods open from the end, not from the part that is attached from the tree.

So, how do you open a banana?