Ultimate Foodie Podcast: The Libation Station

Last week I had the privilege of chatting with Bruce Bjorkman and Lisa Morrison (The Beer Goddess) of the Libation Station radio show on KXL Radio in Portland. The Libation Station is a weekly radio show geared towards addressing some of the indulgences that make being over 21 great “sud’s, spirits, soda’s and stogies”

I had a blast with Bruce and Lisa as I am a big beer guy and especially a fan of the craft or microbrews.

We talked extensively about Oregon Craft Beer month and all that it entails, the craft beer industry in the Pacific Northwest and how we’re spoiled by the awesome selections we have available here. I complained bitterly about the lack of decent beers available on a trip to Michigan… it was so bad, I had to drive to Windosr, Ontario Canada to get a halfway decent brew.

We also chatted about the Boston beer scene as the Ultimate Foodie crew is on the way to Boston for a trade show next month. Lisa recommended the Publick House for a great place to drink beer in Boston with a ton of varieties on tap.

Bruce also shared a recipe for a Bourbon Milkshake that you have to try. I’m making one this weekend and report back.

We also chatted a bit about the Budweiser sell out to InBev and how you should support your local craft brewer and keep your drinking money state side.

Bruce and Lisa were an absolute blast to chat with and we’ll have them back again. If you are in Portland catch them live or listen to their podcast. They rock and are definitely friends of Ultimate Foodie.


A beer making experiment – Coopers India Pale Ale

Complete IPA (India Pale Ale) Package

I am stoked… I may have mentioned in the past that my church has a brewer’s group. Once a month we get together to cook up a batch or two of home-brewed beer and to sample the previous batches and have a little dinner and fellowship. We’re pretty diverse in what we make – in the past 3 months we’ve made a Scottish Ale, an Alaskan Amber Ale clone we called “Plastic Moose”, a Mead, a Belgian Ale with rock candy in it, a Wheat Beer… the list goes on and on.

I just got done speaking with the folks at Coopers Beer Making Kit’s AKA MakeBeer.net and they are going to send me one of their Complete IPA (India Pale Ale) Packages to test drive… or brew… or drink… or whatever. I’m pretty excited to see how this holds up with my harder core brewing buddies – who are leery having tried a competitive product targeted at beginning brewers in the past with bad results.

Stay tuned for updates.