(Human) Blood Sausages?

Macabre post from the folks at YumSugar :

Two sergeants in the German air force are being accused of making traditional sausages using human blood instead. They were discovered when one of their fellow soldiers wanted to know if giving blood for sausage making was against regulations.

Aside from the obvious issue here (Cannibalism anyone?)  I see a real issue with scalability of production.  Just imaging the drain on the blood supply when these jackasses would have to pay for donations for sausage making.  I’m willing to bet that quality control would be a real issue.

This story is too weird for even me…. EWWWW

Funky Food Friday: Olive Oil Bon Bons ???

Olive Oil Bon Bons ??? WTF?

Olive Oil Bon Bons - Gorgeous.. but weird!

I saw this one contributed via TwitPic courtesy of @TheGourmetGirl – Have a happy Funky Food Weekend!