Chicago Hot Dogs – I think I’ll stick to their pizza

Wrigley FieldOn June 11th, I met up with my little brother in Chicago and we went out for Chicago style pizza, as I mentioned in my previous post. What I neglected to tell you was why he was there in the first place. He and one of his good friends decided to make a series of baseball stadium pilgrimages this summer and part of their journey happened to bring them to Chicago at the same time I was attending a conference. They kindly let me tag along to the Cubs game that evening and we watched a riveting game where Kosuke Fukudome hit a three run homer in the first inning, Alfonso Soriano was hit with a pitch by Jeff Bennett of the Braves in the second inning, and the Cubs went on to win it 7 runs to 2. (Check out their travels at

Chicago DogAnd what’s a trip to the ball park without a hot dog? I figured if there was anyplace to try a Chicago Hot Dog, it was definitely at Wrigley Field. I mean, it’s the great American pastime, so they surely would be featuring real Chicago food, right? During the top of the sixth, I hopped up and went down to the concession stand to pick up a couple of Chicago Dogs. I asked the guy at the counter what goes on an authentic Chicago hot dog and gesturing to the condiment stand, he said “everything EXCEPT the ketchup.” So I loaded up my all beef hot dog with everything they had out, except the ketchup, which really wasn’t much…just mustard, pickle relish, and sauteed onions, all on a poppy seed bun. Honestly, it looked pretty pitiful for the grandiose song and story I’d been told about these.

All in all it tasted fine, but really…it was just a boring hot dog, just like I’ve had a thousand times. Verdict? If this was a “real” Chicago Hot Dog, they were uber lame. If it’s not a real Chicago Hot Dog, someone please get me one to review, because as good as the Cubbies were, their stadium food left a lot to be desired.