Best of Boston: Hidden Boston Restaurants

Karen and Joel and I were in for a treat last week when we sat down with Marc from

Marc has spent a number of years writing on the Boston food scene beyond the tourist routes. He specializes in getting into the neighborhoods and checking out the places that are off the beaten path and has put together over 2000 pages of content on his site at He does a great job of breaking things down by Cuisine, Region and Cost to it’s easy to find what you want on his site. For instance in the Ethnic Foods section, he has you covered from Afghan to Vietnamese.

We started off asking him for recommendations around the Seaport area where we’ll be for the Affiliate Summit conference and branched out from there and ended up talking Fenway Park area food and Irish Pub Grub for the return trip after Tuesday night’s Red Sox game. Enjoy the podcast:


Some of his picks were:

Near the Seaport:

Eastern Pier – Hong Kong Style Seafood and Chinese food – not much to look at from outside, great view and “boat up” service with food and payment made by bucket out the window to boats waiting at the dock.

Salvatore’s – local Italian chain joint with funky “Euro” feel

The Channel Cafe – In the 4 Point Channel District – combo restaurant/ art gallery with great sandwiches, soups and salads


Shanti – mid to upscale Indian food in Dorcester – great food and service – light crowds every time Marc has been in.

Pho So 1Boston – Vietnamese noodle soup joint on Dorcester Avenue.

Mark recommends Dorcester Avenue for a variety of affordable ethnic cuisines.

Fenway Park Area:

India Quality

El Polon Tacqueria

Brown Sugar Cafe

Audobon Circle

We had a great time with Marc and look forward to investigating some of his recommendations in just over a week.   You can check out his site at

Best Ballpark Grub in Boston?

Okay all you Red Sox fans.

I’m going to my first game at Fenway in August at Affiliate Summit. I am a baseball junkie and I have been waiting to do this for a long time (no thanks to you Miller… you know what I mean) and will finally have the chance.

The action outside of fenway

Of course, I am also a devoted foodie and I am wondering what the “can’t miss” ballpark grub items are at Fenway or outside of it. Like I said previously… I am a foodie… NOT a gourmet. I have no problem eating from a dirty water hotdog stand or a hole in the wall restaurant.

I got some tips from FoodTV, but I want to hear from the fans. So – what should I eat? The best tip I get will be lavished with praise on this here blog.

Eat well…. Eat often… Repeat

Wade Tonkin

(photo from