Are you ready for KITCHEN COMBAT?

No? Not ready? Well, then I’m going to have to assume that you aren’t the one cooking Thanksgiving dinner at YOUR place this week. (Congratulations on foisting it off on some other poor soul. You are bringing a pie though, right? Or at least wine? Please?)

For those of you that screamed out a hearty YES! and rattled your pot lids in a show of culinary intimidation, I say NAY, YOU ARE NOT READY! Why?

Because you don’t have one of these beauties…

These awesome frying pans are part of a Kickstarter project and they can even be custom made just for you, which is pretty sweet. And guys, the creators at Morlock Enterprises call them ‘Fighting Man Frying Pans’, so if you were one of those closet culinary geniuses, you can finally step out of the shadow of your apron strings with your Man Pan. Just kidding.