3 Fun Foodie Gifts For the Festive Fall Holidays

Foodies love the fall season because of all of the fun fall cooking.  You get caramel apples for Halloween, cookies for Christmas, Turkeys for Thanksgiving and there are fun recipes for just about every other holiday in the fall.  The problem for guests coming to a Foodie’s house is what do you buy a foodie for a thank you gift.  Here are 3 fun gift ideas for foodies this holiday season.

1.  Food Gifts

This sounds tacky, but many of us love to eat when we cook.  If you could find fabulous wine gift baskets or even just a nice platter of cheeses, oils and meats, you’ll make this Foodie a happy one and when a Foodie is happy, it shows in their food.  Food gifts are awesome for Foodies, but you have to find something unique.  Look for foreign wines and cheeses, unusual candies or snacks and one thing that always wins are unique sauces, flavored oils and flavored vinaigrettes.      Not only will they love eating them, but many of these products will eventually be used within their recipes and you’ll help them discover new things that they can make and may even get an invite to dinner to try something new with what you gave them.

2.  Centerpieces.

Normally a Foodie loves to set their own table, however during the holidays they don’t always have time to create a perfect centerpiece.  Call your Foodie friend and ask them what the menu or colors of food and theme are for their holiday meal and let them know you’ll be bringing a centerpiece for them.  One thing you should also ask is size.  You want to make sure that you don’t buy something so big that the host can’t place platters on the table but you don’t want it to be to small so that the table looks barren.  If people are sitting at the table you’ll also want to make sure that you buy something either high enough or low enough so that you don’t block anyone and everyone can have a conversation. Flowers, fruits, plants and more make fabulous centerpieces for the holidays for a Foodies dinner table or buffet.

3.  Centerpiece and Displays

One thing that you can never go wrong with are cool displays for desserts and foods.  If you know they are doing cookies, cupcakes or multiple cakes, find a unique display that features and shows off all of them.  You can find holiday shapes, general shapes or even multiple layer platters that look amazing and allow them to feature their hard work.  The only thing better than eating a Foodie’s cooking is getting to see it displayed properly and that is why these can be amazing gifts for foodies.  Chances are they have most of the trinkets they need, so buy them something to feature their food on and help them love their food even more.

Foodies are actually really easy to shop for.  You just have to think about what you can buy that can increase their ability to cook, display their food even better and what they could snack on before their party while they are cooking for everyone.  I love the holidays and love the holiday season because of the amazing foods and recipes you get to make.