Reader Participation – What would your last meal be?

If for whatever reason – you knew you were going to die immediately after your last meal was finished – what would that meal be?

I want some detail here folks – there was a great book that was published in 2007 called My Last Supper: 50 Great Chefs and Their Final Meals / Portraits, Interviews, and Recipes that included interviews with 50 top chef’s where they were asked what they would eat for their final meal.   For the fans that think Bourdain is sexy – please note that his portrait in the book is a nude shot with just a strategically placed leg bone protecting his … uh… modesty.

So my question for you is this.  If you were requesting your last meal – what would it be.  Something home made?  Something from a famous restaurant?   A hot dog  from your favorite street stand in Chicago or NYC?

Sound off!