My Big City Slider Station is a Big Sh__ty Slider Station.

Okay – I am now totally frustrated with the Big City Slider Station (hence the suggested name change.)

As one of the commentors in a previous post pointed out – the “non-stick” coating on this POS wears out at a thought and starts to stick to your food.  EWWWWWWWWW!

This morning I pulled out the BCSS to make some sausage patties for the kids and I and when pulled the “lid” of the pan off to give the patties a flip to get a good brown color on both sides and instead was greeted by a familiar looking grey film on the top side of the patties.  I repeat- EWWWWWWWW!

I don’t know what that crap is made of – do you ?

I have used this thing a grand total of about 5 times and I have been good about not washing in the dishwasher, etc. as directed – so I don’t think I am at fault here.

I would love to have a cast iron version of this thing or a heavier construction pan with a much better non-stick coating that will at least stick top the pan and not my damn food.  The idea is awesome… the execution is well… not so awesome.

In the end – I got a freebie – so I guess I got what I paid for.

Buy at your own risk.

Big City Slider Station – now I can make sliders at home

God only knows why, but I was watching late night TV last night and was actually confronted with a commercial for a product that I was intrigued by and might just have to pick up.  I was jarred from my semi-slumber by renowned high-volume pitchman Billy Mays (he of the “Just for Men” beard) yelling that I simply had to buy the Big City Slider Station

I started to think… since I am married with a couple of young kids… I don’t get to go out drinking, and subsequently seeking “sliders” all that much anymore, so it would be a hell of an idea to get this kitchen weapon that allows me to make my own “sliders” at home… or worse yet – get my kids hooked on these addictive little mini-burgers.

If you ( like me before the first time I went to Michigan and experienced my first White Castle “bag of 10” ) have no idea what the heck a “slider” is – it’s a mini-burger… on a mini-bun, usually accompanied by (and cooked on top of some mini-onions, with some mini-cheese on top if I have my way.  Purportedly, with this kitchen weapon of mass destruction,  you just heat up the bottom pan, drop in some ground beef, turkey, chicken, possum, etc.,  then press with the top half of the pan to flatten, and within a couple of minutes – voila – perfect slider goodness (thanks to the heat circulating action formed by the 2 part pan.)  Of course – since this is your standard “late night TV” offer there are freebies including a cookbook, a measuring spoon ( would be number 84 for me I think) and a “prep slicer” so I can cut my onions in perfect dice.

It kills me to admit it, but I am tempted to buy one of those things, which may result in me being struck by lightening or something since I am sure that I vowed at some point to never buy any product hawked by this screaming a-hole.

Rules are meant to be broken I guess.

A note to the fine folks at Severn Marketing – I would love to review one of these things…. a free one to play with and write up just might save my life.

Happy eating!