Win a Big City Slider Station in our Super Bowl Super Slider Recipe Contest


I’m sooo stoked – I finally got the Big City Slider Station that I have been hoping for since that amazing putzy Prince of Pitchmen Billy Mays battered my subconscious with his rhyming and convinced me that I had to have one.   I used it for the first time tonight and cranked out some pretty tasty burgers.   The recipes in the accompanying instruction book inspired me to get a little adventurous and to have a little contest here.

We want your best slider recipes.   We’re looking for recipes for beef sliders, lamb sliders, turkey sliders, chicken sliders… hell – I think ostrich sliders would be outstanding.   submit your recipes in the comment field below and at the end of this week, we’ll pick a winner who will receive their very own Big City Slider Station.     I’ll take it up a notch and say that I’ll make the winning recipe for my family on Super Bowl Sunday and we’ll let you know how it goes.

Here are a few guidelines:

  • Let’s use ingredients that are readily available ( sliders should be approachable costs wise)
  • Must contain meat…. sorry Vegans…. the Vegan slider contest will come another day.
  • You can use any bread/bun you like
  • Contestants can’t be family members of UltimateFoodie/GTO Management staff.

We’ll select the winner based on creativity and taste.

So there you have it.  We want your slider recipes…. post away and if you send in our favorite, we’ll make you famous.

Sweet Success – a Big City Slider Station is on it’s way.

Got to give a special thanks to Adam at LiveMercial for sending on a Big City Slider Station for review here on UltimateFoodie.  I’m hoping to have it in my hands and cranking out a variety of homemade sliders for review by my family and I by the end of the week.


(For the record though… Billy Mays still pisses me off…. I look at him like Viagra and spammers.  If some jerk would quit buying when he got spammed, they would stop doing it.  Along the same lines, Billy no doubt browbeats hundreds of thousands of Americans into buying what he pitches or he’d be in the breadline or hawking at county fairs)