Pizza 17 on 17th Street in Washington DC Reviewed

I have always been hesitant to try a new pizza place.  I am way to particular when it comes to a perfect pizza and what I like.  The other night I was hungry and out looking for somewhere to eat when I walked by it.  I never really see a ton of people inside Pizza17 on 17th street in Washington DC, so when I was looking for dinner the other night I almost didn’t stop in.  Thank god I did because the crust and some of the toppings at Pizza17 are some of the best that I have had in the Washington DC area.

1523 17th St NW
(between N Church St & N Q St)
Washington, DC 20036
Neighborhood: Dupont Circle

Pizza 17 is a small little store with only a few tables.  Behind the counter is a wood fired oven and a few bottles of wine.  The service is friendly and everything, for the most part, tastes fresh.  The only thing I have been dissapointed with is the fungi pizza because they only use one kind of mushroom. However, I have ordered it every time I have been there so they are obviously doing something correct.  I have been there three times now and every time I go, I am amazed that it isn’t packed, because the pizza crust at Pizza 17 is amazing.

Not only is it crisp, but on the outside it is also a bit chewy.  They somehow always get the crust perfect.  I could literally sit there and eat their pizza crust all day long.  On the Fungi pizza they top the amazing bread with a ton of onions, cheese that is not flat and melted, but mixed in between the huge toppings and of course mushrooms.  On top of that they have a spicey olive oil that you can pour over top of it or dip the pizza into.  Not only does the olive oil take the pizza to the next level, but it almost becomes addictive.

Next time I go I am going to have to break away from what I know and try the pizza sliders or something else.  Until then I am giving Pizza 17 in Dupont Circle 4 out of 5 stars.  The only reason they don’t get the fifth star is because the fungi pizza should have multiple types of mushrooms to make it perfect.  I have seen some of the other pizzas being made and served and everything there looks incredible.  If you are in Washington DC and looking for good pizza, try Pizza17.