The Chairman would be proud. . .

One of my favorite foodie shows of all time is the original Iron Chef. Not that lame Iron Chef America (face it, the only thing that show has going for it is Alton Brown and Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto). I’m talking the original, Japanese series with Chairman Kaga, Allez cuisine and all.

And for the record, my favorite Iron Chef is and always has been Hiroyuki Sakai, but I digress.

Nomura's JellyfishToday, I came across a facinating article with a very unique solution to a very unique problem that would make Chairman Kaga grin more flamboyantly than any of his costumes. It seems that for the last several years the sleepy fishing village of Obama in the Fukui Prefecture of Japan has been invaded by Nomura’s jellyfish. Now these aren’t your run-of-the-mill little piles of clear goo you find washed up on the shore occassionally. These are six and a half foot wide, 450 pound monsters and their presence is taking a heavy toll on the local fishing.

Now, they could have sat around bemoaning their lot…the loss of jobs, the loss of quality catches in their nets, but instead, the enterprising high schoolers at Obama Fisheries High School did something the Japanese are well known for…

They figured out how to eat them.

Jellyfish CaramelsThat’s right, students took the jellyfish, boiled them down to a thick paste, dried it, then ground it up into a fine powder. They then made it into cookies and now into caramels. In fact, they’ve done such a fine job that the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is considering adding their sea-inspired treat to the official menu for astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Who knows…maybe it will be in a dessert coming soon to a grocer near you!

(Thanks to for this fun foodie treat!)

(Human) Blood Sausages?

Macabre post from the folks at YumSugar :

Two sergeants in the German air force are being accused of making traditional sausages using human blood instead. They were discovered when one of their fellow soldiers wanted to know if giving blood for sausage making was against regulations.

Aside from the obvious issue here (Cannibalism anyone?)  I see a real issue with scalability of production.  Just imaging the drain on the blood supply when these jackasses would have to pay for donations for sausage making.  I’m willing to bet that quality control would be a real issue.

This story is too weird for even me…. EWWWW

Funky Food Friday:

Every week we try to write something on the weird side of food and I came cross a virtual treasure trove of foodie weirdness here today.  In fact, I think it may be where Andrew Zimmern goes for show research.   Check out if you have some time to kill.   It’s a site that is gaining rapidly in popularity and traffic that features user generated content on all aspects of foodie weirdness.   Want a glossary of edible bugs from around the world?  It’s in there.

One thing I also really liked is that their search box allows you to search by the food item or  country – so if you are say – headed to Thailand and want to engage in some “weirdfoodiness”  you can find out what type of fun bugs, reptiles and mammals you may be able to find at the local market or streetfood card.

It’s a fun and goofy site that would no doubt make the squeamish squirm – but I live for that kind of thing.

So, if you want to learn a bit about weird foods and their place in cultures all around the world, is a fun place to start your research or kill some spare time that clearly I have too much of.

Happy Funky Food Friday!

This Week in Bacon – Baconnaise

I saw this and I just had to write this up. These guys from my neck of the woods have created some really interesting (bizarre) seasonings including bacon flavored  salt and now have come out with a Kosher, non bacon containing, bacon flavored mayo called – curiously enough “Baconnaise.”

If you are a bacon fiend (Lisa Picarille, this means you) I think that you need to add this to your condiment shelf.

More info at