UltimateFoodie Podcast #1 – Angel from Jones Soda

We’re pleased to announce that UltimateFoodie has lost it’s podcasting virginity!

Karen and I welcomed Angel Djambazov, who runs online marketing initiatives for Jones Soda on the inaugural UltimteFoodie Podcast. We spent about 28 minutes chatting about all things Jones and other foodie topics. We covered Some history of Jones Soda, some of the unique flavors that Jones bottles,  and some Jones selections for the health conscious including 24c Vitamin Waters and Jones Organic teas.

Our marketing geek sides emerged as we chatted about the Campaign Cola initiative where Jones drinkers can make their presidential election preferences known through their online purchases of candidate branded sodas, the Jones Graffiti project on Facebook where user art generated directly on a Facebook app will be added to bottles, Jones winning contracts as the exclusive soda provider for Qwest Field in Seattle and the soon to open arena of the Nets NBA team and the company culture at Jones that encourages creativity and innovation and allows them to carve out profitable niches and developing a loyal customer following that is willing to pay premium prices for a unique product that they love.

    We had a really great time chatting with Angel – he’s a fellow foodie and a really bright marketing mind and we look forward to working with him as a contributor to UltimateFoodie in the future.

    Want to podcast with us? Just email us at [email protected] and let us know what you’d like to chat about and we’ll hook it up.



    1. digital_orifice says

      Awesome podcast mates!!!!!!!! keep em covered!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Why no Ron Paul Soda, just saw the report on CNN today. You guys want to make a lot of money, do a Ron Paul Soda. I’d buy it even it if said “Kooky” grape. You really should reconsider this though in all seriousness. Count me in for 4 cases for my meetup group.

    3. Dr. Ron Paul’s cola, with a picture of the Constitution next to him. If you have any marketing sense Jones Cola, you’ll make it happen!

    4. GreatGranny says

      Maybe Root Beer flavor for Ron Paul.
      Congressman Paul wants to return America
      to Her roots…the Constitution.
      Better yet, Marilyn from Lake Jackson says…
      LIBERTY is POPular.
      Newest phase of Ron Paul rEVOLution is
      Maybe just call it rEVOLutionary.
      The Ron Paul rEVOLution will be around
      long after John McAmnesty is forgotten.
      Jones needs to invest in the future.

    5. Nice to see the Ron Paul campaign is going strong.

      I agree with you guys completely. Ron was able to raise some ridiculous campaign funds in about 2 days all online. The online grass roots interest is obviously there.

      Don’t feat Ron Paul-ites – I think Jones is going to take care of you.


    6. GreatGranny says

      One last time…
      Dr. Ron Paul and Health Freedom
      are synonymous (sp?).
      Do you see any potential here???
      Check the good Congressman’s
      Sponsorship pages.
      Haven’t checked lately,
      is Jones included?

      PS: I really would never
      consider giving my Children,
      Grandchildren or my Great Grandson
      anything with the name McCain.


    7. Have to reel in the Paul-istas in a bit here guys… let’s keep the discussion on the product and the promotion and not on the Paul campaign or the candidate.

      It’s a food blog OK ?

      Great Granny – let’s keep this on track

    8. GreatGranny says

      Wade 🙂 Please don’t take my walker away!
      You’re right, I AM more of a Paulista,
      than a Paulian. I wish you well.

    9. I like your foodie blog and I love your podcast too. However, I cant help but comment on Dr. Paul-pular. What an amazing man! Do you know where I can make a request for that?

    10. Marilyn In Lake Jackson says

      I believe, since McCain, O’Bama, and Hillary will have a soda named after them with their picture and their “popular phrase”, that Ron Paul should have a soda named after him, with his picture, and his now famous phrase, “Liberty Is POPular”. (Notice the pun on POP for soda!)

    11. Marilyn In Lake Jackson says

      GreatGranny, I wouldn’t use the word “rEVOLution, because, emphasizing Evol(to close to EVIL). Remember how Dr. Paul switched those letters to “LOVE” ?

      I still like my suggestion of his own phrase “Liberty is POPular”, with emphasis on POP for soda.

    12. you Paulista’s are a kooky group – have to admire your passion.

      Not going to have this site as a billboard for his campaign though. If you want to link to food related articles and sites – that is cool. If not, your posts will be edited or spammed – thanks.


    13. Marilyn In Lake Jackson says

      Wade, since you are doing colas for the Presidential candidates, and Hillary isn’t a candidate now any more than Ron Paul is, we were just wondering why he isn’t being included in the colas.


      Ultimate Foodie is an awesome place to talk about food… and Jones Soda… and Ron Paul labelled Jones Soda. But not necessarily Ron’s Politics or the campaign.

      If you would like to make your desire for a Ron Paul soda known – please visit http://www.jonessoda.com/files/contact_us.php and share your desire.

      And – for the record – Jones Soda guys – I’d go ahead and bottle and sell the Ron Paul Pop if I were you … Hillary is a non factor and you will sell way more Ron Paul Pop than soda labeled with Hil’s annoying mug.

      – Wade

    15. I want to thank the Paul supporters for joining the discussion. We’ve been all over Jones to get the Ron Paul soda cranked up. They assured me that it is in the works.

      – Wade

    16. It’s official! Jones Soda has released Ron Paul Revolution Soda! http://ultimatefoodie.com/jones-soda-releases-ron-paul-revolution-cola/

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