Whoops! Domino’s gives away a lot of dough

Looks like someone wasn’t watching the pizza oven!

According to an article today from the Associated Press, some intrepid web customer discovered that the unpublished coupon code “BAILOUT” worked to get a free medium pizza on their online ordering system.

Apparently, the code was from a scrapped marketing idea, but ended up in the system anyway, most likely from an overworked, underpaid tech just trying to stay ahead of the game. Unfortunately, their premptive coding cost Domino’s 11,000 pizzas in about 24 hours. Yep, that’s right – eleven THOUSAND pizzas.

If you were thinking about cashing in on this promo, I’m sorry, but you’re too late. The code has already been deactivated, but I did want to point out one neat little feature this brought to my attention. You can order your pizza online!

pizzaguysNow, I recently did this with our local pizza place, The Pizza Guys, about 2 weeks ago. I was exhausted, Joel was out at band practice and the kids and I couldn’t decide on dinner (hotdogs, AGAIN?). We were getting in the car on the way home from errands and I decided pizza would solve the problem. I got on their website from my phone (yay technology) to get their phone number and noticed that I could actually order my pizza online! While the kids got situated and buckled up in the car, I typed in our address, selected what we wanted and placed the order. Swung by the pizza place on the way home and it was already waiting for us, piping hot. I felt like a rock star…walked in, bypassed the line of other tired parents and weekday warriors, grabbed our pies and left. I had already paid online, so there was no waiting at all.

Totally. Freaking. Awesome.

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